Coast Guard ending search for Florida boaters; private hunt continues

The Coast Guard says it has done all it could to find teen boaters Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos.The Coast Guard says it has done all it could to find teen boaters Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos. But their families say a private hunt for the 14-year-olds has only just begun.   The Coast Guard's weeklong search for the two Florida teens, who vanished at sea on July 24, will stop at sunset Friday, after an extensive coastal search that extended from southern Florida to North Carolina, Capt. Mark Fedor told reporters in Miami.











How schools push black students to the criminal justice system

A recent study found misbehaving white students are more likely to get Schools will get a white child help when mal behavior and black child is suspended or other actions takenmedical help, while misbehaving black students are more likely to face punitive measures like arrest and suspension.

David Ramey, an assistant professor of sociology and criminology at Penn State and the author of the study published in Sociology of Education, analyzed a data set of more than 60,000 schools in more than 6,000 districts.

He found schools with relatively larger minority and poor populations are more likely to implement criminalized disciplinary policies — such as suspensions, expulsions, police referrals, and arrests — and less likely to medicalize students by, for instance, connecting them to psychological or behavioral care.



Through a Lens, a Transformed View of Police

They began as workaday interactions between the police and the public,  Ray Tensingoften involving minor traffic stops in places like Cincinnati, North Charleston, S.C., and Waller County, Tex.

But they swiftly escalated into violent encounters.

And all were captured on video.

Those videos, all involving white officers and black civilians, have become ingrained in the nation’s consciousness — to many people, as evidence of bad police conduct.

And while they represent just a tiny fraction of police behavior — those that show respectful, peaceful interactions do not make the 24-hour cable news — they have begun to alter public views of police use of force and race relations, experts and police officials say



Florida rejects mother's complaint about baby's death after heart surgery

Atlanta (CNN)The state of Florida has declined to investigate a complaint "I read it again and again and again, and I just couldn't believe it," said Campbell. "How can someone say, 'We choose not to hear you?' "from a mother whose baby died after heart surgery at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, which CNN found had a high mortality rate for pediatric open-heart surgeries from 2011 to 2013. In a July 20 letter, a representative of the Agency for Health Care Administration expressed her condolences to Nneka Campbell, whose 10-month-old daughter, Amelia, passed away after open-heart surgery at the hospital.

"Loss of a loved one is difficult at any time, but particularly when the family has questions concerning that loved one's care," wrote Michelle Hart, a senior management analyst supervisor with the agency's Complaint Administrative Unit.

Hart then went on to tell Campbell that "it has been determined the Agency will not conduct an investigation for your specific complaint."



Trump campaign investigating staffer's Facebook posts

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump's presidential campaign is investigating Sam Nunberga staffer after racially-charged Facebook posts he allegedly wrote were uncovered Friday.

Sam Nunberg, a Trump political adviser, allegedly wrote racially-charged and disparaging political posts dating back to 2007, including one calling civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton's daughter a "N—!" and another others calling President Barack Obama a "Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser," Business Insider reported Friday.

Nunberg is denying he wrote the posts. Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told CNN on Friday that the posts are "offensive" and said Nunberg would be fired if he indeed wrote those posts.



Pennsylvania inmate, accused of killing woman, is back in custody

(CNN)An escaped inmate killed a woman in her home before he was Robert Crissmancaptured, according to authorities in western Pennsylvania.

Police said inmate Robert Crissman "walked away" from the Armstrong County Jail on Thursday morning and killed 55-year-old Tammy Long shortly after his escape.

Crissman, who was in jail for nonviolent offenses, is now charged with murder; theft of a gun, two trucks and a TV set; and aggravated assault on a police officer, Armstrong County District Attorney Scott Andreassi said at a Friday news conference.



Vladimir Putin 'ordered killing', Litvinenko inquiry hears

Russian President Vladimir Putin "personally ordered" the killing of A lawyer for Alexander Litvinenko's family said Vladimir Putin was a "tinpot despot" Alexander Litvinenko, the inquiry into the former spy's death has heard. Ben Emmerson QC, for Mr Litvinenko's family, said in his closing statement that Russian state responsibility had been proven "beyond reasonable doubt".

Mr Litvinenko's widow Marina said she believed her husband's "murderers and their paymasters" had "been unmasked".

But the Kremlin told the BBC it did not trust the inquiry.

'Tinpot despot' Dissident Mr Litvinenko, 43, drank tea containing a fatal dose of radioactive polonium during a meeting with suspects Dmitry Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi in London in 2006.



Russian debtors despair as boom turns to bust

Millions of Russians took out loans during the economic boom years, but Credit offers tempted many Russian consumers after decades of hardship now they face crippling debts and the law is not on their side, the BBC's Oleg Boldyrev reports.

At the start of each month Elena, a 40-year-old Muscovite, spreads all the family cash on the table and starts dividing it into small piles.

"When I do this I shake, I feel nauseous,"

she says.



Ebola vaccine is 'potential game-changer'

A vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus has led to 100% protection and Vaccine for Ebola looks promisingcould transform the way Ebola is tackled, preliminary results suggest. There were no proven drugs or vaccines against the virus at the start of the largest outbreak of Ebola in history, which began in Guinea in December 2013.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said the findings, being published in the Lancet, could be a "game-changer".

Experts said the results were "remarkable".

This trial centred on the VSV-EBOV vaccine, which was started by the Public Health Agency of Canada and then developed by the pharmaceutical company Merck.



Tiger Woods at Quicken Loans National 2015: Thursday Leaderboard Score, Reaction

Making his first appearance in a PGA Tour event since missing the cut at Tiger woods from a previous golf turnamentthe British Open two weeks ago, Tiger Woods put together one of his most encouraging rounds at the Quicken Loans National event.

After a sluggish start that included three bogeys in the first four holes, Woods had six birdies in a nine-hole stretch that helped him finish at three under for the day and in a tie for 28th place.

There have been glimmers of hope for Woods this season, but he's never been able to sustain any momentum.



Russell Wilson, Seahawks Agree on New Contract: Latest Details and Reaction

He already has one Super Bowl ring to his name, and now he's reportedly Pro Football Talk added that it's a four-year extension that puts him under contract in Seattle for five years at a total of $89.1 million.receiving a massive contract extension.

What more could Russell Wilson ask for?

To the shock of few, the Seattle Seahawks locked up their star quarterback for the long term Friday, signing him to a four-year, $87.6 million extension, per Peter King of The MMQB.

King also reported that Wilson's deal includes a $31 million signing bonus and about $60 million of guaranteed money. Ian Rapoport of confirmed King's report. The Seahawks showed Wilson signing his new deal:



Winter Olympics 2022: Beijing chosen to stage Games

(CNN)Beijing is set to become the first city to have hosted both the china wins the 2022 winter olympics, but not without some anx.Summer and Winter Olympics after it was chosen to stage the 2022 Winter Games.

International Olympic President Thomas Bach confirmed Beijing, which hosted the Summer Games in 2008, had been chosen ahead of Almaty in Kazakshtan at the 128th IOC session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Friday. "I am so excited.

This is China's pride," Zhang Hong, China's women's 1,000m speed skating gold medal winner at the Sochi Games, told CCTV.

Only Beijing and Almaty had been left in the running after Oslo, Munich and Stockholm bowed to public pressure and decided not to pursue plans to host the winter sports showpiece.

Proven track record But Beijing has already proved its worth as a successful Olympic host, having hosted the summer version of the games in 2008.



Actor, Law & Order Director Jace Alexander Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Jason "Jace" Alexander — not the Seinfeld guy, but the TV actor and  Jace Alexanderdirector best known for his Law & Order affiliation — has been arrested in New York for allegedly sharing child porn vids, according to the New York Post.

Alexander, 50, has reportedly been charged with "felony counts of promoting and possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child." CBS notes that the Westchester County DA's office was able to download pornography of pre-teen and teenage girls that originated from an IP address linked to Alexander's home.

After obtaining a search warrant and sifting through data on Alexander's computers, the DA's suspicions of illegal activity there were confirmed.



A dark portrait emerges of the teen accused of killing Maddy Middleton

A troubling portrait is beginning to emerge of the 15-year-old boy charged Adrian Jerry Gonzalez, center, is flanked by public defender Larry Biggam and attorney Leila Sayer as they enter the courtroom Thursday, July 30, 2015 where his arraignment was delayed in Santa Cruz, Calif. Gonzalez…as an adult with murder in the death of 8-year-old Madyson “Maddy” Middleton in Santa Cruz.

Appearing before a Santa Cruz judge for the first time since his arrest this week, Adrian Jerry Gonzalez, who wore a green T-shirt, shuffled into a courtroom Thursday as his hands were cuffed in front of him.

The teen did not enter a plea because his hearing was postponed to Sept. 21. The Santa Cruz teen has been charged with one count of kidnapping and four other sexual assault-related

offenses, Dist. Atty. Jeffrey Rosell said. If convicted of the charges, Gonzalez faces life in prison, he said.



Many Colleges Have Armed Police Squads, But Are They Worth The Risk?

American college campuses are increasingly patrolled by armed police Joe Detersofficers — and it's a trend that burst into public view Wednesday, when a University of Cincinnati officer was charged with murder in the shooting death of a black motorist during a traffic stop.

But this arming of college cops is causing some worries.

When prosecutor Joe Deters announced the indictment of

University of Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing on Wednesday, he had harsh words about the officer's competence, saying he should never have been a cop.



Immigration fuels rising tension in Germany

The man's clothes were dirty and he was clearly exhausted.

Attacks on accommodation for asylum seekers have increased significantly. According to the interior ministry, this year there have already been 173 attacks (175 were registered in the whole of last year ).He slumped back in the plastic chair and began to cry. "My wife, my family, they're all dead. All killed," he said.

"That's why I left Syria."

I met Saba in a makeshift reception centre for refugees, in the town of Passau.

He had been waiting for hours to be "processed". Little wonder - 200 refugees arrive at this centre every day.

Across town, a municipal ice rink has been hastily converted into another reception centre.

Germany receives more refugees than any other European county.

In the first half of this year, 180,000 people claimed asylum in Germany, and that number is expected to more than double by the end of 2015.

Towns and cities are converting gyms and warehouses into accommodation or putting refugees up in tent cities. Volunteers are rushing to donate clothes, money, time.



Food Truck Set Ablaze After Owner Takes Stand Against Confederate Flag

The owner of the truck had been receiving threats for a month.

Food Van offered free sandwhiches for a confederate flagLate last month, PoBoy's & Rich Chic's Cajun Eats — a food truck based in Odessa, Texas, about four hours from El Paso — announced it would give patrons a free sandwich in exchange for a Confederate flag.

The notion was simple: Get Confederate flags off the streets. And exchanging the controversial flag for a sandwich sounded a lot more peaceful to owner Rob Jenkins than talk of plans to burn them.

Sources suggest Jenkins himself had plans to burn the flags and related memorabilia, but he changed his mind and decided instead to donate the items to a museum.

Jenkins remains staunchly in opposition to the South's famous flag.

He told a local news station: "To me, it represents prejudice and hatred. It's really hard to argue against that."But not everyone saw the gesture as a good deed. Jenkins told the New York Daily News that he was bombarded with threats and hate mail. "We were thinking we are going to destroy it in unity with the American flag over it on the Fourth of July... We realized that we were going to lose some customers over this.



Terrafugia TF-X, the flying supercar

Well, it’s about time. Since the 1950s, we’ve been promised flying cars We don’t know how fast the TF-X will go on road, but once airborne it’ll soar at speeds of 200mph for a distance of up to 500 miles. Which means you could hop from London to Geneva in under three hours, and in a single bound. It’s the future we were always promised. We’re in.were just around the corner. But despite a steady stream of outlandish concepts, a working car-o-plane has always remained frustratingly, tantalizingly out of reach. Until now.

This is the Terrafugia TF-X, and it is surely the answer to our airborne automotive prayers. Built by the Boston-based outfit behind the still-not-yet-in-production Transition, it’s a bold vision of a transportation future unbounded by roads, runways or pleasing aesthetics.

As you’ll see from the video above, the TF-X – which will seat four open-minded humans – is capable of vertical take-off, thus negating the need for a runway. Wings furled, it’ll squeeze into a standard single garage, thus negating the need for a hanger in which to store your personal plane.

It’s powered by a plug-in hybrid arrangement, a pair of electric motors combining with a 300bhp petrol engine to produce a megawatt of output.



In Brooklyn and the rest of America, a movement for Bernie Sanders

As the sun began to set on the hottest day of a New York heat wave, a Bernie Sandersgroup of about 60 people crowded into a dark, scantily air-conditioned Bushwick loft, their gazes directed toward a wrinkled bed sheet that had been pressed into service as a screen.

“I apologize for how hot it is in here,” said host Steve Panovich, who stood beneath the bed sheet glistening with sweat.

“Feel the burn, man!” yelled a guy in the perspiring crowd. But what he meant was “Bern,” as in Bernie Sanders.



Repeat attacker stabs 6 at Jerusalem gay pride parade, police say

(CNN)An Orthodox Jew who stabbed marchers at a Jerusalem gay pride A wounded person receives treatment during Thursday's gay parade in Jerusalem.parade 10 years ago launched another knife attack at the same type of parade in the same city Thursday, stabbing and wounding six people who were on the streets for the event, police said.

Video aired on Israel's Channel 10 shows what appears to be part of the attack at Thursday's gay pride parade in Jerusalem: a man making quick slashing motions at people on a Jerusalem street, including one holding a rainbow flag, while others try to subdue him.

Of the six people stabbed Thursday, two were injured seriously, Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samri said.

Police arrested Yishai Shlissel, Samri said. Israeli police say Shlissel, an Orthodox Jew, was released from prison three weeks ago after serving a 10-year prison sentence for stabbing and wounding three marchers at a Jerusalem gay pride parade in 2005.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that the government would "pursue justice for those responsible" for the latest attack. The government fell short of calling it an act of terror, but Netanyahu, did call it, "a despicable hate crime."



Confederate flags placed at Ebenezer church near MLK Center

ATLANTA (AP) — Four Confederate battle flags were found on the Confederate flags sit in the back of a police car as an Atlanta police officer and U.S. Park Ranger stand by outside Ebenezer Baptist Church Thursday, July 30, 2015, in Atlanta. grounds of the Ebenezer Baptist Church near the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta on Thursday, and police and federal authorities were investigating.

Officer Gary Wade said a maintenance worker discovered the flags at 6 a.m. Thursday and notified the National Park Service, which operates The King Center.

Groundskeepers were disturbed to see the flags in the morning, the Rev. Shannon Jones of Ebenezer Baptist said.

"Our grounds men were so upset, they took pictures and then they moved them," Jones said. But Park Service police later told workers the flags should be treated as evidence and not handled, he said.



Ex-university cop in Samuel DuBose shooting death pleads not guilty

(CNN)Former University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing Deters played body camera footage of the traffic stop shooting that appeared to contradict Tensing's version of what happened.pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter in the July 19 shooting death of Samuel DuBose.

At his arraignment, the judge set Tensing's bond at $1 million. Some inside the courtroom applauded when Judge Megan Shanahan announced the bond, and she quickly admonished them and called for order in the court.

Tensing's next court date is set for August 19. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced the charges at a news conference earlier this week.

"I've been doing this for over 30 years. This is the most asinine act I've ever seen a police officer make -- totally unwarranted," he said.



Ray TensingUniversity cop indicted for murder in shooting of motorist Samuel DuBose

(CNN)University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing was indicted Wednesday on a murder charge in the shooting death of Samuel DuBose.

If convicted, Tensing could go to prison for life, said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters in a news conference.






U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah Sr., Of Philadelphia, Indicted On Corruption Charges

U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah Sr., the Democrat who represents a district that Chaka Fattah Sr.includes parts of Philadelphia, was indicted on Wednesday over allegations of political corruption.

According to the indictment, the government alleges that Fattah was involved in a wide-ranging conspiracy that included bribery, the illegal use of campaign contributions and theft of charitable funds.

"When our elected officials and their associates violate the law and create sophisticated financial schemes to enrich themselves, the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation, will work diligently with our fellow law enforcement partners to restore the public's trust."



Kenya audit: Government accounts 'disturbing'

Only 26% of money spent and collected by the Kenyan government has The auditor-general called government account "disturbing" been fully approved in an audit for 2013-2014. The auditor-general, whose report covered an annual budget of about $16bn (£10bn), said there were "disturbing problems" in government's accounting. It comes just days after US President Barack Obama warned on his visit to Africa that "the cancer of corruption" was holding the continent back. Kenya is ranked amongst the world's most corrupt countries.



Sandra Bland's death in police custody puts spotlight on Texas jail standards

If it makes no logical sense that a young and seemingly happy woman In this undated frame from video provided by the Waller County Sheriff's Department, Sandra Bland stands before a desk at Waller County Jail in Hempstead, Texas. would kill herself days after being offered a new job, then the death of Sandra Bland is an anomaly on a statistical level as well.

The official, hotly disputed account is that the 28-year-old hanged herself in her cell on 13 July. If that is true she is the first African American woman to kill herself in a Texas county jail since the state’s standards agency started keeping death records.



MH370: Plane wreckage found in Indian Ocean tested

French officials are investigating whether plane wreckage that washed up The debris, apparently a wing flap, was found on French-owned Reunion. An aviation security expert said it had "incredible similarities" to a flap from a Boeing 777, the type of plane that vanished in March 2014.on an Indian Ocean island is from missing flight MH370.

The debris, apparently a wing flap, was found on French-owned Reunion. An aviation security expert said it had "incredible similarities" to a flap from a Boeing 777, the type of plane that vanished in March 2014.

But the island is a huge distance from the plane's search area and there have been other crashes much closer.

No part of the Malaysian Airlines flight has ever been found. It disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. Aviation expert Xavier Tytelman said a code on the plane would be examined, promising a "definitive answer" on whether there was a link in a few days.

Australian investigators, who are leading the hunt, are also reported to be in touch with manufacturers over the find.


The Confederate Flag IS GONE... Now..., Lets Join as one against racism




Stem Cells research

Scientists Find A Way To Grow Billions Of Stem Cells 7/28/15

What really are the possibilities of
Stem Cell Treatments?




Kristian Ramiriez stands on the railroad tracks on Dec. 19, 2014 near the site off Downey Avenue in Paramount, Calif., where his brother Oscar Ramirez was shot and killed by deputies in October

Why the deaths of Latinos at the hands of police haven't drawn as much attention 7/21

Join with us to create "1" single strong voice that can no longer be defeated


Confederate Soldier

One battle the Confederate flag
is still winning 7/12

2 Historic Events that validates
a new American Future based on "Demographics"



Carl Roberson Posts Flyers

Carl Robertson: Project Community Connection, Inc.) may be committing a fraud on the government



Chief Justice John Roberts, who read much of his dissent aloud from the bench, a sign of his deep displeasure, called the opinion’s reasoning “unprincipled.”

Bitter dissents in gay marriage case lay bare deep divide in high court 6/28

Arrogance Disposition of

Supreme Court Justices

invalidates their effectiveness




Protesters rallied to have the flag taken down on Tuesday

Confederate flag protests spread across US 6/23

The American Party has just begun






Atlanta's Spelman College ends Bill Cosby professorship

The Foundation of Bill Cosby has been removed...

From a famous and powerful force to a

Bill Cosby strongly denied a series of sexual assault allegations dating back to the 1970s loathed and unwanted acquaintance.

Bill Cosby's many associations with the malice of trickery, predictor behavior, and accusations of a cereal rapist

has forced many entities to dissociate with the comedian and have all but destroyed and remove all of his most valuable accomplishments.

There were signs of his poor behavior and many new of these activities that Bill would brag about, yet they said nothing.

Some hold the accusers accountable for their own expectations for fame and fortune and their willingness to allow themselves to be fooled and possibly raped.

What we do know in this one and only life that we all have been given...

all false acts and actions done in the dark,

will always come into the light.

For Bill Cosby, I ask him this.....

was having sex with all those woman worth it when you think about it today?






Prosecutor Paid Off Student Loan Debt With Funds Seized From Defendants

What's the incentive to confiscate

citizen's property?

How an individual acquired huge amounts of money and extremely Hand full of cashvaluable property matters, and when one is caught by the law with these assets based on criminal activity, the assets do not then belong to the

"Police Department or those who represent the Justice System".

Case & Point:

In one particularly brazen example, an unnamed Oklahoma assistant district attorney used $5,000 from a forfeiture fund to pay off their student loan debt, according to a state audit of local forfeiture programs published in 2013.  "

These confiscated assets and the huge sums of money confiscated ought to be recycled back into the local citizens behalf in that,

it is with the citizens taxes that pay for the entire Justice System and any funds confiscated by the Justice System,

is based on the representation of the citizen's funding, thereby placing the ownership of all assets and cash confiscated in the legal ownership of the citizens who pay taxes.






Feds seize emails, phones in probe of teen found dead inside gym mat

What Happened to Kendrick Johnson... "Really"?

Found dead rolled up in a gym matt at his high school and his death Kendrick Johnson death is still a mysterywas ruled as an accidental death suggesting that he was attempting to retrieve a shoe when getting caught in the rolled up matt which subsequently caused his death.


the family hired their own medical examiner who concluded that Kendrick Johnson's death was from " “unexplained, apparent non-accidental blunt force trauma” "

and he ruled it a "homicide", contrary to what the city's medical examiner concluded.

The two suspects are two kids that had already graduated from the high school and are sons of a "former FBI agent".

There is a reason why the local sheriff refused to do his job by conducting a proper investigation.

There is a reason why the city's medical examiner ruled Kendrick's death as a accident and not a homicide.

There is a reason why the family had to hire their own medical examiner.

Will Kendrick Johnson's Death ever be solved?






Official: Clinton emails included classified information

Hillary poor judgment again... is being discussed

Inevitable will take place and has taken place...  when one chooses to Hillary defies all rules and while doing so, she sends classified information and she ought to be held accountable.accept a position of high security..., yet treats the position like it is a job at McDonalds.

Hillary's poor judgment to vote in favor of authorizing former president Bush with the ability to take this nation into a unwarranted and un-necessary war cost this nations "$Trillions", and now she is being dragged across the coals because, once again,

Hillary shows poor judgment in choosing to send and receive highly classified material thru her personal server located in her home as appose to using the governments designed message system that

99% of all of her, then employees used.

What does it take to prove that Hillary Clinton isn't the leadership type of person?





In America, mass incarceration has caused more crime than it’s prevented

The Criminal Mind is a "born with" or "learned" Mind Set

Criminal Behavior, when allowed to take place, will influence others Where people are made into criminals. who would otherwise not commit crimes.

Placing a person who does not have a criminal natural mind set among a group of criminals who choose crime over honesty, will eventually cause the non criminal minded person to adjust to the environment, thereby, becoming that of a criminal mind set.

Our Justice System, designed 200 plus years ago, still to this day,

treat human beings in the same manner 200 plus years later,

even as the American Culture has changed from disdaining mixed marriages and gay marriages to accepting individual choice.

Each individual requires individual evaluation and jail isn't the place for every crime.




Send comments Email :



Roddy Piper, pro wrestling 'bad guy,' dies at 61 (CNN)Roddy Piper, arguably professional wrestling's all-time top bad guy, has died in his sleep at the age of 61, agent Jay Schachter told CNN Friday.


Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Compares His Alleged Rape Victims to a Lynch Mob


Florida face-off: Clinton and Bush offer stark contrast in strategiesOne week before Jeb Bush jumps into the Republican free-for-all primary on a debate stage with nine other candidates, he faced off Friday with the likely Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, as the two of them gave dueling speeches to the National Urban League.


‘Detroit Republican’ Rand Paul a no-show at the annual Urban League conferenceAt last year’s National Urban League conference, no one made more headlines than Sen. Rand Paul — not for the substance of his speech or even how many people attended it, but just by virtue of the fact that he showed up.


Hawks' Mike Scott faces felony charges after arrest on pot, MDMA possessionAtlanta Hawks forward Mike Scott will reportedly face felony drug charges after his arrest Thursday morning in Georgia for possession of marijuana and MDMA, commonly referred to as "Molly."


Cannabis credit union in Denver sues Federal Reserve over rejection


Federal judge rules that Virginia may ban Confederate license plates


Iran calls for Israel's nuclear disarmament


Campus police: different badges, different uniforms, but same deadly force In this July 19, 2015 file photo from a body camera video provided by the University of Cincinnati Campus Police, university Officer Ray Tensing stands next to motorist Samuel DuBose during a…


Over 100 militants killed in anti-Boko Haram operation: Chad army


What Lindsey Graham Fails to Understand About a War Against IranLittle more than a decade ago, when Senator Graham urged the invasion of Iraq, he may well have asked a general, “Could we win a war against Saddam Hussein? Who wins?” The answer would’ve been the same: “The United States.”


California's golden hills blackened by wildfires A series of wildfires blackened the golden hills of California on Friday, egged on by bone-dry vegetation, triple-digit temperatures and gusting winds.


Uganda leader, in power for 3 decades, seeks re-electionYoweri Museveni


Hamas Calls For 'Day of Rage' After Arson Attack Kills Palestinian Baby Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah (center) inspects a house that was set on fire in a suspected attack by Jewish extremists in Duma village near the West Bank city of Nablus July 31, 2015.


Israeli police: Palestinian toddler killed, relatives injured in 'price tag' attackA Palestinian's home was burned during a "price tag" attack Friday that killed a toddler and critically injured at least three other relatives, Israeli and Palestinian officials said.


Repeat attacker stabs 6 at Jerusalem gay pride parade, police sayAn Orthodox Jew who stabbed marchers at a Jerusalem gay pride parade 10 years ago launched another knife attack at the same type of parade in the same city Thursday, stabbing and wounding six people who were on the streets for the event


Good Samaritan family is gunned down on Montana Indian reservationTrying to be good Samaritans cost two members of a Montana family their lives and left their daughter wounded.


Dylann Roof pleads not guilty to federal charges in Charleston church attackDylann Roof  appears


Vehicle crashes into south barricade of U.S. Capitol building


Zimbabwe to U.S.: Extradite dentist over killing of Cecil the lionWalter Palmer


2nd Australian surfer fights off shark attack


Hillary Clinton campaign blasts 'egregious' errors by The New York Times


HIV flushed out by cancer drugHIV can be flushed out of its hiding places in the body using a cancer drug, researchers show.


Afghan militant leader Jalaluddin Haqqani 'has died'Rumours of the death of Jalaluddin Haqqani have circulated for some time


Russia Mistral: Hollande denies striking compensation dealThe Vladivostok remains at the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, western France


Swiss central bank makes 50bn Swiss franc loss


Weak oil prices hurt Exxon Mobil and Chevron results



Wheaton College ends coverage amid fight against birth control mandate


Tom Brady and Patriots owner attack NFL over 'Deflategate' decision


Two dead in Legionnaires' disease outbreak in New York


Panicked 911 caller: Dispatcher had no reason to hang up


Oil price slump costs another 12,500 jobs


Revealed: Private firms at heart of US drone warfareActivities of a Predator B unmanned aircraft are monitored at the Naval Air Station, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011, in Corpus Christi, Texas.


Number on Reunion Island debris corresponds to Boeing 777 component


Maryland governor to close Baltimore detention centerRepublican Gov. Larry Hogan said the state would save $10 million to $15 million a year by closing the Baltimore City Detention Center, which houses hundreds of inmates awaiting trial or serving short sentences


Israel Threatens Attacks On ISIS In Sinai After Launching Revenge Strikes In Syria, Lebanon


Supercomputers: Obama orders world's fastest computer


Putin's Energy Giant Falls on Hard TimesYears of mismanagement and politically driven expansion are catching up to the Russian state-owned natural gas company Gazprom.


Boko Haram 'slits throats of 10 fishermen' near Lake Chad


Comet yields 'rich array' of organicsThe spacecraft which made a spectacular landing on a comet last year has discovered a rich array of carbon compounds.


A Hungarian fence creates new front in Europe's migrant crisis


Sex trafficking: Lifelong struggle of exploited children


Saudi executes Syrian for drug trafficking


'Abortion pill' legalised in CanadaThe pill will be distributed in Canada under the brand name 'Mifegymiso'


Serbia lottery chief resigns in live ticket draw scandal


Russia warns US as NGO blacklisted as 'undesirable'Russia has said it will not tolerate "interference" by foreign organisations after it put a US pro-democracy foundation on a blacklist.


At least '18 dead' in IS attack on Kurd-held Syria town


Google to defy French 'right to be forgotten' ruling


Drone kills four suspected militants in Yemen: residents


New film highlights struggles of gay Palestinians in IsraelDuring last summer's Gaza war, Khader Abu Seif was living with his then Israeli boyfriend in Tel Aviv, wondering whether Hamas rockets could reach them from the coastal strip.


Help Wanted: The Philippines Needs More ExorcistsJose Francisco Syquia


US delivers F-16s to Egypt ahead of Kerry visit: embassy


Low-Income Teens Are Better At Getting The HPV VaccineA teenage girl gets a shot of HPV vaccine, which protects against a virus that causes cervical cancer.


Afghan Taliban appoint Mansour as leader: Taliban sources





Ferguson names black officer interim police chief

Changing "1" doesn't change a culture of

flawed behavior

1 Bad Apple, does spoil the entire batch of apples.

Mr Anderson said he is going to need the community's help The decision to appoint a Black Man as the

Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief does not change the behavior of those who are the ones who directly interact with the local citizens.

Andre Anderson, the newly appointed short term Police Chief for Ferguson, Missouri is only a Band-Aid on a huge deep wound that has been allowed to fester for decades.

The only method to clean up an system of corrupt police officers like the city of Ferguson, Missouri is to remove all police officers as well and start a new.

Removing all that have condoned poor behavior will ensure that no return to the past ways is already in place.





Democrats lose control of presidential event

Only the beginning... Democrats have done "Nothing"

The Republican Party's ineptness is condoned by the entire A town hall for liberal activists featuring two Democratic presidential candidates was interrupted by dozens of demonstrators on Saturday who shouted down the contenders and demanded they address criminal justice issues and police brutality.Democratic Party.


is composed of both parties and together,

Congress has done nothing for the American People,

however, you will find that Congress has a heck of a retirement plan that each American Citizen will pay for long after these members of both parties retire for doing nothing.

The American demographics has outgrown both existing political parties and a new party has already made it's voice known with the election of President Obama.

It will only be a matter of time now before the Democrats find themselves searching for someone to represent them in this new American land of demographics when the reality is,

both political parties are


The American Party

is the only party that can represent the melting pot of citizens from around the world and their many different skin colors,

their many different cultural backgrounds,

their many different mixes of people who fell in love,

their many different degrees of individualism.






Ex-lottery worker convicted of rigging system to win $14M

If you didn't already suspect it... now you know... It's rigged


An Iowa jury began deliberating Friday after hearing over four days the complex story of how Tipton, a lottery security officer, allegedly fixed the Hot Lotto game in 2010 to get himself a winning ticket for a $14…for those who play the lottery hoping to capture that wonderful dream of winning $millions...

good luck because if the algorithm designed to calculate who will win and how much and where, then you have those who manage the computer who are just as apt to cheat for their own glory as any person walking down the street.

So, all you people who would still donate to a lottery

continue doing so because for 98% of you,

that is all your doing.






Documents Show Red Cross May Not Know How It Spent Millions In Haiti

What does it take to cause the removal of a Charity's License?

"It is very heartbreaking," says Bonnie Kittle, who was one of the independent reviewers hired by the Red Cross and author of one of the reports. She described her findings in an interview with NPR: "The only real advantage that the American Red Cross had over other organizations was that it had this huge amount of money. Otherwise it was very handicapped."For Red Cross,

this isn't the first instance of money gone missing, or

inappropriate use or

the lack of knowing what happened to the money all together.

I recall an incident that took place in 1992.


my question,

what does it take to actually remove the license for Red Cross for

Fraud, Theft

and any other word that seems appropriate for the types of lack of money management that has been wasted by those who collect $millions from those who have given from their hearts?

This is the exact reason why I do not donate.

A guarantee that I would make,

if donations are made to ASKFMB under the purposes of helping others, every dime will be tracked.

All Charities are corrupt at some degree.






Holiday Inn Desk help can be the visit of displeasure

A Priority Card Member of 13 years means nothing

In a very recent visit to a local Holiday Inn I was challenged by the Holiday Inn of Norfolk VA, piss poor service and aggressive rudenesslocal desk supervisor who suggested that I was loitering and that it wasn't allowed due to security reasons.

After explaining that I always visit local Holiday Inns to work or to even have a drink if there is a bar and after informing her that I was a 13 year Priority Club Member and I've always been welcomed, she continued to insist that I could not stay and her demeanor was that of a rude and unprofessional person who seemed to take it personally that I actually was in that specific Holiday Inn

1157 North Military Highway , Norfolk, VA 23502

Even after presenting my Priority Card and allowing her to view it and asking her to look at her database to see that I have actually stayed at this Holiday Inn, both she and her counterpart continued the aggressiveness with the counter part suggesting that he didn't appreciate that I refuse to shake the supervisors hand after she had found out that I was in fact a gold card member.

The reality for all corporate offices....

ensure that all of your staff are trained on professional presentation and acute customer relations such that no costumer will ever construct their conversation or approach as being

"Aggressive, Rude, or Attacking",

because this Holiday Inn has lost me as a visitor forever.






IS claims missile attack on Egypt navy boat

Ok, where did they get the "Guided Missile"?

It appears that the word "Militants" or "Terrorist"

It posted three pictures showing what appeared to be a guided anti-tank missile striking the vessel and causing a large insufficient when a group possesses and accurately uses a

"Guided Missile" against a nation's Navy.

I believe that Egypt has a huge problem if they find themselves fighting against a group that possesses guided missiles, and if these radicals have these types of weapons of mass destruction,

the entire region has a reason to be concerned.






Syrian atrocity photos are real, FBI says

Unlabeled as a Murderer allows more Murder

Syrian President Bashar Assad refused to remove himself from the But, by refocusing attention on Syrian abuses, it could also complicate Obama administration efforts to persuade Congress to back the Iranian nuclear deal signed today in of leadership in Syria and it is his acts and actions for the past 4 years,

that has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of

Syrian Citizens.

Barrel Bombs have been dropped on the Syrian Citizens

Chemical Gas has been used on the Syrian Citizens, and

Physical Torture

and Starvation have been part of the daily lives of Syrian Citizens.

Yet, not 1 nation's leaders of the most powerful nations on earth has called Syrian President Bashar Assad


Not 1 international body to include the United Nations,

the Arab League or the European Nations

have called Syrian President Bashar Assad a

Murderer or a War Crimes Criminal.

The lack of categorizing Syrian President Bashar Assad actions ensures that Syrian President Bashar Assad is equal to any and every nation leader in the world and thereby,

warrants the consideration and treatment therein.

Failed Leaders in every nation is at fault

because the "have said absolutely nothing".





Iran nuclear deal: US conservatives condemn agreement


Any act or action known, or unknown, that undermines

The American Sovereignty

is an act of


The so-called P5+1 want Iran to scale back its sensitive nuclear activities to ensure that it cannot build a nuclear weapon.

To purposely undermine the President of the United States is an act that attempts to undermine the American Sovereignty which is represented by the office of the Presidency, is


47 Republicans signed a document and sent it to a leader of a sovereign nation, specifically to undermine the Iran Nuclear Accord, which in itself is an act of treason,

has been ignored and under reported and under addressed by

CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX and all of the same media conglomerates that ignored the signs and evidence known before former president Bush took this nation and this world to war in Iraq.

When blatant treason takes place in the publics eye,

who are the people responsible to speak out?






changed 7/26


I’m On A Road


Every Day

is a day

that has something planned,

that will lead me to some type

of ultimate goal. 


I workout

to meet a planned goal,

of a specific muscle development designed for,

6 months away,

a year away,

or 2 years away.


I read

specific books to gain

the knowledge that a specific book

has to offer,


once I complete that book,

I use the knowledge gained

by reading the words of that specific book,

to design,


or accomplish

a planned goal,

based on the knowledge learned,

by reading the book.


I take

on specific jobs

to learn a specific trade,

which will allow my learned skills,

to be more valuable for

my next job. 


I practiced

the sport that I play,

in order to be

very good at that sport,


perhaps play on a team

that would value my skills,

at the sport that I am playing.


I study

a specific profession

to become very good at that specific profession, allowing me to be valued

in that specific profession.


Each and every one

of the above descriptions

of focusing on a specific subject,

making short and long term goals

, for each subject,

is what I mean

when I say,

I’m on a Road”.


The Road of My Life,

is my free way of my life,

and by staying on my specific road of my life,

ensures that I’m not spinning my wheels in mud,

on a off ramp of life. 


I add different roads to my life’s freeway,

to ensure

that I’m not restricted to one,

and only one road,

because life needs variety.



each road that I add

to my freeway of life,

is a road that is added

for specific purposes,

and the added road will have

a planned accomplishment,

somewhere in the future

of that road.


In this life time,

I have learned

that staying on my road,

ensures that I do not stray to another’s roads,


when I get on another’s road,

my life energy is drained faster,

because driving on another’s road,

cannot  create joy in my heart,


everyone’s road is specific to that person,

and that person



There are times when my road

is parallel with another’s road,


by riding side by side,

on our individual road,

we can be who we are

and what we are,

while we both prosper equally.


I’m on my road of life,

and thus far,

I’ve added many different roads

to my life’s experiences,


I have many more roads to add.


Get on your own road,

and stick to what makes your road

unique to only you,

and once you have found your road,

and have enjoyed your road for years,

you will look back and noticed

that your road has lead you

through all of the heartaches of life,

through all the emotional break downs of life,

through all of your relationships of life,,,


have allowed you to survive

all those life experiences,

that would have cause you to have made

very bad decisions…,

had you not been on a road,

heading in a specific direction.








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Words from the Heart

reaches inside the consciousness






a "win" feels like a "loss"



being percieved as weak,

is actually

a display of

great strength.



Charles Cotton

NRA executive suggests slain Charleston pastor to blame for gun deaths


Charles Cotton is the epitome of what is

wrong with America


Charles Cotton,
a lawyer and listed as a national NRA board member on the gun lobby's website, suggests that because...
Senator Clementa Pinckney voted against a bill
that would authorize South Carolinians to carry concealed weapons in restaurants, daycare centers and churches,
Senator Clementa Pinckney and the other 8 victims in the shooting in Emmanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston
is the reason why they are not alive.


Not only is this analogy outlandish
coming from any human being, but what we have here is a man that is a "practicing lawyer"
who is authorize to defend or use the law to incarcerate other human beings... pending on the side of the law that he is practicing.


The Flawed Analogy speaks directly to the flawed disposition in those in positions of authority and power
all across America and it is this type of mind set that set the example
for those under educated Americans
to learn from.



Read More



Spies of Mississippi is a journey into the world of informants, infiltrators, and agent provocateurs in the heart of Dixie.
Spies of Mississippi 5/15

Two Documentaries that define

America's True Hidden History

Slavery By Another Name...
an excellent documentary that specifically discusses the treatment of
blacks for the first 40 to 60 years after Slavery,
which provides insights into what lead up to
the 1950's & 1960s.


Slavery By Another Name
is the appropriate title, in that, after 1868 post slavery years,
blacks were criminally charged
based on any crime that a local sherrif
chose to dream up, jailed,
and then the sheriff would sell the jailed black person
to any company as
"Slave Labor"
for pennies a day,
re-InSlaving the black person
based on the authority of the
legal system.



Read More



“Even the drugs of choice will connect to what the mental illness is,” Petacque-Montgomery told me. People with severe depression might use cocaine “to lift their mood.”

America's Largest Mental Hospital Is a Jail 6/14

Historically Harsh & Unjust Legal System


What is the history of the
American Legal System?

Where are all the facts regarding the specifics as to the dissemination of the legal decisions based on race/gender/physical location/per state,
bail assigned to an accused based on race/position/star status,
officer's instances of discharging his/her weapon according to county/city/state/region,

245 Years of the American Justice System
is now an "industry" that is
specifically designed,
specifically focused,
specifically affective at destroying,
specifically flawed to cause,
specifically corrupt to allow,
specifically overwhelming,
specifically encouraging to....


So... what is the American Judicial Industry and what happens after the initial stopping by a local police officer?


Abusive and Bullying Bail for some
who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, receive enormous bail assignments, often times forcing them to choose between giving up a life savings or staying and jail furthering and elongating their experiences of possible abuse or corruption that takes place within the confines of a jail.


6 Officers Bail:
" The four officers facing felony charges posted $350,000 bails; the two facing misdemeanors posted $250,000 bails."


Allen Bullock's bail "$500,000"
for jumping up on a hood of a car and bashing in the window... a bail that would force Allen Bullock to remain in jail due to the enormity of the bail itself

Abusive and Physical Assaults by Prison Officers
U.S. charges New York jail guards over 2012 inmate death


Read More




Cardinals rookie WR Damond Powell Jr. wounded by gunfire

A Cardinals statement says the team has been in communication with Powell's family to offer support and resources.

TOLEDO, Ohio -- Police say Arizona Cardinals rookie receiver Damond Powell Jr. was wounded by gunfire outside his Ohio home. Toledo Police say the 22-year-old Powell was wounded in his driveway from shots fired from a car Friday evening.

A University of Toledo Medical Center staffer said Saturday she had no information to release about him, but police had said his injuries didn't appear to be life-threatening.

Police say witnesses reported seeing three men wearing masks in a gold-colored vehicle.


Read More




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On-Job Rights


Nora Lea Lynch, Letter to  Valerie Jarrett 3/10valerie jarrett


Justice Industry
Abuse & Corruption


San Francisco arrests under review
after officers' slur-filled texts revealed 5/11
More cases could come under review if the judges decide to widen the scope of their investigation, Gascon said.


What Happened to Kendrick Johnson?


Family demands answers in teen's mysterious death 5/13What's even more unimaginable for the Johnsons of Valdosta, Georgia, is how their 17-year-old son died: by suffocating after falling headfirst into a rolled-up gym mat at his high school on January 11.


What Happened to

Dominique Allen


Mysteries surround girl's death, burning in Indianapolis
Police believe she was abducted from the sidewalk in front of her sister's home early on the morning of Aug. 31. Her badly burned remains were found the same day, a mile away. She'd been strangled and then burned, most likely to destroy DNA evidence.




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A system of the future

that can create

Jobs in

Every State"

Events that the 
U.S. Anti-Flooding System
can be used mitigate
loss of life,
huge losses in property,
devastating effects of flooding,
destructive damages of wildfires,
the U.S. Anti Flooding System
can be used for

National Security


California's golden hills blackened by wildfires A series of wildfires blackened the golden hills of California on Friday, egged on by bone-dry vegetation, triple-digit temperatures and gusting winds.


Wildfire Worries Rage In Typically 'Wet' Washington StateA wildfire raced through the neighborhood of Broadview in Wenatchee, Wash., destroying numerous homes and apple-processing facilities





Boosting Education For Babies And Their Parents 5/12A group of mothers and infants celebrate a recent graduation from the Harlem Children's Zone Baby College program.


The First Line of Defense against Mass Murder, is your Home





The American Party

The Demographic Melting Pot
Multi Race
Blacks, Hispanics, Asians,
Whites, Muslim, &
All Others.

One battle the Confederate flag
is still winning 7/12

Confederate Soldier




Racism..., understand?  NO... well you have never experienced it. It's a thing that can only be understood if your a victim of it. Those who under state the affects of "racism", generally are the ones who happen to be the race that inflicts racism.


Woman punched by officer during arrest sues Seattle for $1 million 4/26
Miyekko Durden-Bosley


Racist Posts on NY Cop Blog Raise Ire at Time of Tension 4/19
The Lack of trust is in the eyes



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Coalition 4 Change
Tonya Ward Jordan
Coalition 4 Change




What I look for in a Man...



Anthony E. Griffin





Tell you the Truth to piss you off,
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Look into my eyes to see my heart



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I can not be

a good you for you, and

you can not be

a better me for me,


we have to be great

for ourselves





educates the consciousness,


with an educated consciousness,

one acts

more prudently.

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NFL upholds Tom Brady's four-game 'Deflategate' suspension

Tom BradyCommissioner Roger Goodell, in affirming the suspension he handed down in May, said new information about the destruction of Brady's cell phone showed the four-time Super Bowl champion "sought to hide evidence of his own participation in the underlying scheme to alter the footballs."



Wyden blocks intelligence bill over concerns about online speech

WASHINGTON — Sen. Ron Wyden blocked a bill Tuesday that Ron Wydenauthorizes 2016 funding for the FBI, CIA, and the National Security Agency because of a provision that would require Twitter, Facebook and other social media companies to take "drastic steps" to police their users' online speech.

The Oregon Democrat placed a hold on the bill in hopes of working with Senate leaders to remove or revise the provision, which is opposed by major U.S. tech companies. Under Senate rules, any senator has the power to place a hold on a bill to prevent it — at least temporarily — from coming to a vote.



Former police chief in N.Y. pleads guilty to child porn

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — A former Mount Pleasant police chief has Brian Fanellipleaded guilty to possession of child pornography.

Brian Fanelli, a 56-year-old Mahopac resident, was arrested in January 2014 — two months after taking the police chief job — after federal agents raided his home.

He stood accused of using a peer-to-peer file sharing network to download and share more than 120 files containing child pornography. Monday in White Plains federal court, in front of family, friends and supporters, the police force veteran of more than 30 years plead guilty to one count of possession of child pornography before U.S. District Judge Kenneth M. Karas.

In exchange, federal prosecutors agreed not to seek a sentence longer than four years, three months.

The maximum is 10 years.



N.Y. mother of 8 dies in holding cell

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. — Officials are trying to determine It’s not yet clear whether Schneiderman will launch a full investigation. Soufer said that’s what investigators are trying to determine.howRaynette Turner, a 42-year-old mother of eight awaiting arraignment on a shoplifting charge, died Monday afternoon in a holding cell at police headquarters here.

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has sent investigators from his new team tasked with probing police-involved deaths to Westchester County, spokesman Eric Soufer said.

The case is one of the first Schneiderman’s office has examined since Gov. Andrew Cuomo named him special prosecutor earlier this month, granting him the power to investigate and — if necessary — prosecute police officers involved in the death of an unarmed civilian.



Jailed at 12, youngest convicted killer now free at 29

MELBOURNE, Fla. — Curtis Fairchild Jones walked into prison a 12-Jailed at 12, youngest convicted killer now free at 29year-old boy. On Tuesday morning, he walked out a 29-year-old man.

Prison officials confirmed that Jones was released from South Bay Correctional Facility, just south of Lake Okeechobee, shortly after

7 a.m. Jones has refused all interview requests from Florida Today and his attorney said there will be no statement made to the media. He leaves prison a convicted murderer, a victim of childhood sexual abuse, a brother to a sister scheduled to be released from prison Saturday, and an ordained minister.



Huckabee's gas chamber reference to Iran deal draws Israeli criticism

"Dear Mr Huckabee, no one is marching Jews to the ovens anymore," U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee speaks to the 42nd annual meeting of the American Katz, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party, wrote.

"That is why we established the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces, and if necessary, we will know how to defend ourselves by ourselves," Katz said.

Ron Dermer, Israel's ambassador to Washington, said in an interview with USA Today's Capital Download program that while Israel had a "very serious disagreement" with the Obama administration over the Iranian issue, Huckabee's remarks were inappropriate.


Libya court sentences Gadhafi son to death for 2011 killings

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Moammar Gadhafi's son and onetime heir The same Tripoli court on Tuesday also sentenced to death eight other former regime officials, including former Libyan spy chief, Abdullah al-Senoussi, who is in custody in the Libyan capital, as well as foreign intelligence chief Abuzed Omar-Dorda and Gadhafi's former prime minister, Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi.apparent was convicted and sentenced to death on Tuesday by a court in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on charges of murder and inciting genocide during the country's 2011 uprising.

But Seif al-Islam Gadhafi is unlikely to face the firing squad anytime soon. The sentence was handed down in absentia because he remains in the hands of a militia in western Libya that has refused to hand him over for the past four years — yet another sign of the country's bitter fragmentation since his father's fall from power.

The uncertainty surrounding Seif al-Islam's fate underlines both the weakness of the courts and the general chaos this North African nation has descended into, split between rival militias and governments while being threatened by an affiliate of the extremist Islamic State group, which has benefited from the turmoil and captured some areas in Libya



Senior Western official: Links between Turkey and ISIS are now 'undeniable'

A US-led raid on the compound housing the Islamic State's "chief An ISIS fighter walks near a black flag belonging to the Islamic State as a Turkish army vehicle takes position near the Syrian town of Kobani, as pictured from the Turkish-Syrian border near the southeastern town of Suruc, Sanliurfa province, October 7, 2014. financial officer" produced evidence that Turkish officials directly dealt with ranking ISIS members, Martin Chulov of the Guardian reported recently.

The officer killed in the raid, Islamic State official Abu Sayyaf, was responsible for directing the terror army's oil and gas operations in Syria. The Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh) earns up to $10 million a month selling oil on black markets.

Documents and flash drives seized during the Sayyaf raid reportedly revealed links "so clear" and "undeniable" between Turkey and ISIS "that they could end up having profound policy implications for the relationship between us and Ankara," senior Western official familiar with the captured intelligence told the Guardian.



Disneyland Paris faces pricing probe

Disneyland Paris is facing a pricing probe following accusations that UK Under European law, firms can not stop consumers from doing this, she said.and German customers are being frozen out of certain price promotions. The Financial Times said people in the UK were paying 15% more for one day tickets.

The European Commission told the BBC that it had "received a number of complaints" from customers. A Disneyland Paris spokesman said promotions were seasonal.

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